Land of Crystals and Frogs

Lady Brown (ft. Cise Starr)
Nujabes/Metaphorical Music


nujabes / lady brown (ft. cise starr)

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This is really cool


Tim Burton received this handmade cake from his animation team and it’s basically the coolest shit ever.

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You can easily find all these ninja items at


Tangible Media

MIT’s Tangible Media is coming along nicely,

"Almost like a table of living clay, the inFORM is a surface that three-dimensionally changes shape, allowing users to not only interact with digital content in meatspace, but even hold hands with a person hundreds of miles away. And that’s only the beginning."

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still the best commercial Adult Swim ever ran

they were always actively antagonizing fans of the anime block and it was the best fuckin thing

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it’s been like six years and I still don’t think i’ve seen an internet video that pays off better than this

truly the epitome of everything

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